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About This Project

Nature, athleticism, competition, socializing, and creativity are a few reasons why I love disc golf. This site was built with that spirit in mind. It was initially just a learning project for new tech, but after an unexpected knee surgery, I found myself with enough time to polish it up and share it with the world.

I started with a bag builder app since I wasn't completely satisfied with what's out there. Actual photos of discs felt essential since I know everyone has unique designs to show off, and it's easier to build a bag visually than by disc name alone.

Next, I'm looking to the community to steer this project in whatever direction is most helpful, so please drop me a note if you have any ideas: 

Hope you enjoy, and hit me up for a round if you're in Indianapolis!



In The Bag

In the Bag is a disc golf podcast focused on helping players build the best bag they can. Join Brad and Robbie C as they bring a different player onto the show for each episode to dissect and learn what changes they could bring to their disc golf selection. Our hope is for listeners to be able to apply these same principles to their own bags in order to ensure maximum confidence and scoring potential before they even step onto their next tee pad. Always remember: if it's good, keep it in the bag!!

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